August 17, 2009

Does Anybody Care?

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This was originally posted on June 30th 2009.

I am currently making a transition from my blog on Blogspot, to here.

Enjoy this original introduction, from day one of my entrance into the blogosphere.

Yes, it’s a Chicago reference. Probably the only time you’ll hear that word here in reference to the band. That is to say, every time “Chicago” is mentioned after this post will be in relation to All That Jazz.

I know I did not choose the greatest topic title for a first-timer (assuming you are not a Chicago fan) but here you are reading this, so I must’ve done something correctly. And since you have not already clicked that blogger’s nightmare Back button, you must either love females in fishnet stockings as much as I do, have an apathetic attitude towards your thesis paper due tomorrow about Einstein’s Relativity, or you actually chose to Google the current time rather than look away from your Internet Browser.

Whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by!

Here I’ll try to avoid the obvious cliches and vague descriptions that plague so much of the blogoshpere. What I mean by that, is I would rather go months without posting than post something like, “Not really sure what to say…” However, those are the first six words I drafted here after typing that horrendous title, and as I shuddered in my chair and swallowed the vomit back down I did what any good writer does before putting down brilliance; I held down backspace for a few seconds.

Yes, brilliance. It is, afterall, relative. Ask Einstein.

Considering that I have never blogged before, you might ask why I have chosen still to forge ahead despite that fact that I clearly decided beforehand that I would never post useless and unentertaining cliches, and then immediately fell into the same trap I thought I would avoid.

Think about it. I have created a paradox.

– I have never blogged
– I said will never blog stupidity
– Stupidity occurs within first blog post
– Blog gets posted


I don’t think that question will get answered any time soon. If I confused you, I apologize. If not, I also apologize, just because you’re still here. My logic is a step below flawed, and far left of strange.

At least we don’t have to suffer the uncomfortable silences that would normally be experienced IRL. Unless, you went back to re-read; I think that would be the blogging equivalent of silence. If you did, please hit refresh so it counts.

I digress.

The current time is 10:40 PM. See, someone knows. I know that I know, and therefore we can feel optimistic about where this blog is headed. I like clocks.

Gee, the content of this post really has amounted to nothing more than those 6 words. Time to wrap it up. Sorry, I am not a content king. I am, however, a humorous man who feels there’s a thought or two rattling around in his head that should be shared.

I know, I know, cliche. Brilliance is waning. No one can be a hit all the time; unless you are in, or wrote Chicago.